Es Portitxol

Explore the idyllic Cala Es Portitxol in Ibiza: A hidden treasure on the southwest coast of this island that will give you a completely new and wonderful experience. It is a cove of rocks and gravel surrounded by fishing huts.

🌊 Location and Access:
Cala Es Portitxol is located in a protected bay, overlooking the sea and encompassed by cliffs with greenery.
 A visit to this cove may require some hiking or even boat trip, making your experience more adventurous.
Another more comfortable way to access is with one of our jet ski tours (we do have one jet ski tour to Es Portitxol) or charter on one of our boats.

🏖 Beach and Crystal-Clear Waters:
Cala Es Portitxol’s may be a rocky, small beach but it is stunning, with its clear waters that urge you to swim over or go snorkeling. 
This hidden gem is explored thanks to the water’s transparency that permits you dive in its elements.

⛰️ Scenic Surroundings:
Cala Es Portitxol, surrounded by imposing cliffs and luscious foliage creates the perfect setting to rest lazily. Either you decide to relax at the beach or go hiking on nearby trails, nature amazes in this part of California.

🚤 Boating Excursions:
Alternatively, you can enjoy sea views offered by a boat trip at Cala Es Portitxol. The trip has spectacular views from the coast and an opportunity to discover hidden caves or coves.

🌅 Sunset Magic:
Towards evening, Cala Es Portitxol welcomes its visitors with a magnificent sunset. Find a nice place on the beach or from any nearby viewpoint to watch the sky get painted in warm colors as the sun goes down over Mediterranean.

🍽️ Charming Beachside Dining:
End your day with a nice dining experience at one of the seaside restaurants that serve fresh seafood and other local dishes while enjoying calmness.

Indeed, Cala Es Portitxol is not only a location but also an oasis of peace that guarantees the combination of natural beauty with calm rest on one magical island called Ibiza.

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